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  • Sorry, there isn't such option
  • Hi Paul, Sorry, that's not possible
  • Hi Ken, I'm sorry, but that's not possible. You need to pay attention to the format you enter in every case.
  • Hi, It's hard to predict what will happen in future, but currently we are not planning to change definition of this column in any update.
  • Hi, Our component does not retrieve any data from "o" column and similar issues never occured, so I suspect that your copy of the component has been improperly modified. If you want us to help you solving this problem you can contact us via helpdes…
  • Hi, Yes, that's possible, but you would have to add such information directly into layout file, i.e.: /components/com_djcatalog2/views/item/tmpl/default.php
  • Hi Scott, I'm sorry, but it's not possible to tag product as currently unavailable. It can either be published (visible) or not published at all.
  • Hi, Yes, it is possible although you would have to override and then modify some of the layout files and most likely change CSS styles as well. Here's more information about overriding layout files: https://dj-extensions.com/faq/dj-catalog2-faq/h…
  • Hi, Sorry, but that's not possible. Only administrator is allowed to decide whether location/contact attributes can be visible or not.
  • Hi, You mean that the value of attribute is plain text? That's correct - neither Joomla! nor the component exchange URLs to clickable anchor links. To do that you would have to edit layout files and convert value by yourself: /components/com_djcat…
  • Well, the only option is to use geocode button, so that coordinates for every product could be generated based on item address fields (city, street, country). But before you start please generate Google Maps API key and insert it into component conf…
  • 1. Search by location has been added in ver. 3.5.7, so maybe you are using older version: https://dj-extensions.com/changelog/dj-catalog2/ver-3-5-7 Anyway, here's the setting you should enable: 2. As for advanced search, it's a filters module pub…
  • Hi, There is a separate search filed that is meant for location only and it's called "Location". You can see how it works here: https://demo.dj-extensions.com/dj-cat3/catalog-products/hotels In order to enable it you need to open Product List sett…
  • Hi, The file is /administrator/components/com_djcatalog2/models/fields/djfieldgroup.php Also, you might need to modify JS script: /components/com_djcatalog2/views/itemform/itemform.js
  • Hi, I've already explained how to hide published and access fields. As for choosing default product type and hiding it, that's not possible. Sorry.
  • Hi, Published and Access attributes are available for only those users who have granted "Edit state" or "Edit own state" permissions. Otherwise those fields are hidden and to their default values which can be configured in Front-end edit tab. Prod…
  • Hi, have you tried turning off cache for breadcrumbs module? I don't mean globally but only just for the module. Our component adds necessary product and category links to the path way, but it is not responsible for displaying them, so you need to …
    in Breadcrumb Comment by olo June 20
  • Hi, Please contact us via our help-desk and provide your DJ-Catalog2 licence key. We will send you updated plugin which should fix the problem.
  • Hi, do you use any 3rd party URLs management extensions? Like Artio JoomSEF or SH404Sef? Or maybe you assigned Single Product pages as separate menu items? In both cases it is possible that product breadcrumbs don't contain category information. Ot…
    in Breadcrumb Comment by olo June 1
  • Hi, It's possible to rename the field using Language Overrides: https://dj-extensions.com/faq/dj-classifieds-faq/how-to-change-add-new-advert-or-any-other-text-in-dj-classifieds The constants you are looking for would be: COM_DJCATALOG2_LOCATION_F…
    in Rename Fax Field Comment by olo May 4
  • Hi, I'm sorry, but that's not possible.